Located in Arbor Food Park

Rollin Smoke is some of the tastiest

BBQ in Austin Texas

At Rollin Smoke we bring you our own special style of Texas Barbecue. We start with the highest quality oak and pecan, the best seasonings money can buy, and quality meats that just taste better. We use fresh baked buns from New World Bakery and all the Que is smoked on site in a Moberg Smoker for the freshest product possible. We specialize in pork spareribs, pork belly burnt ends, creative sides, and vegetarian options. You can find new BBQ special recipes every week. Our dream is to serve you delicious meat and the most satisfaction we can possibly feel comes from your approval. We love what we do and we love seeing customers take that first bite.


(512) 705-5499


M-Tu Closed
Wed – Thu 11am – 9pm
Fr 11am–10pm
Sat 11am–10pm
Sun 11am–9pm

I have grown to absolutely LOVE this place. Open late, friendly staff, amazing BBQ and the macaroni and cheese is out of this world!!

— Yelp review from Savannah B.


Meats By The Pound

Prime Brisket       1/2 lb  $16    Pound   $32

We use only the best Goodstock brisket by Nolan Ryan. Made with our in-house rub. Slow cooked to perfection then sliced to order.

Poultry Weekly Specials  — Market Price

Each week we have a new poultry slow smoked BBQ Special. Turkey, Chicken and other types of new poultry weekly recipes for your exploration. 

Spare Ribs     1/2lb    $12     Pound    $24
We use one the best Pork from Prairie Fresh. Our Spare ribs are slow cooked to perfection with our in-house rub. Guaranteed to fall off the bone and melt in your mouth,.
Spicy Beef   &   Jalapeno Sausage  Link.  $6     Pound   $20
Our famous Spicy Beef & Jalapeno sausage is made from farm fresh Texas Sausage Co. meats. Smoked and cooked to perfection.
Pulled Pork     1/2lb    $12    Pound    $24

Our tender pork shoulder is provided by Charirmans Reserve pork. Slow cooked in our in-house rub and pulled from the bone.

Pork Belly Burnt Ends     1/2lb    $14      Pound    $27
Our Certified DUROC® heritage premium tender smoked pork belly burnt ends are provided by Comfray Farm Pork.


A Rollin’Smoke favorite. We start with a quarter-pound of brisket, add a quarter-pound of pulled pork and top it with a half-link of our jalapeño cheddar pork sausage.

Local handmade jalapeño cheddar pork sausage sliced and served on a fresh baked jalapeño cheddar bun.

Prime beef brisket made with our in-house rub, slow cooked to perfection then sliced to order.

Smoked portobello mushrooms with crunchy spicy slaw, pickles and onions.

Tender pork shoulder made with our in-house rub, slow cooked & pulled off the bone.

Our famous slow-cooked pulled pork topped with home-made spicy slaw.


Our version of a Frito-pie starting with your choice of meat. Topped with our BBQ sauce, onions, cilantro and chipotle cream sauce. Sub Cheetos, as featured the Travel Channel.

 Pulled Pork  11$      Brisket   13$



Smoked portobello mushrooms with crunchy spicy slaw, pickles and onions.w.


Creamy four-cheese macaroni shells seasoned and smoked on the pit.

Made-to-order cabbage blend with jalapeños and cilantro tossed in our secret sauce..

The best thing about this place: If you cannot decide what you want, just get a playboy and you get a piece of everything from their delicious menu.

— Google review from Daniel Hardegger



Austin’s Famous “Rollin’ Smoke BBQ” Moves to Arbor Food Park

Opening June 1st Rollin’ Smoke BBQ, popular for serving flavorfully seasoned, juicy, mouth- watering meats, has been operating since 2011 in Downtown Austin, Texas. They’ve been putting in the work on the East Side all this time, right next to the BBQ giants. The truck is about to call Arbor Food Park their new home, set to start service June 1st. The new location is known for multiple food trucks, an open food court, social gatherings, and commercial activities.

Best Barbecue in the East

Great Press from East Side ATX:
”Rollin Smoke is East Austin’s David to the barbecue Goliaths that dominate the ‘cue scene. Although small in stature, this meat is not short in flavor.”

Late Night Barbecue Without Lines? Enter Rollin Smoke

Check out this shout out from the Austinot:
”From the moment you see Rollin Smoke BBQ’s pink, spray-painted trailer at East 6th and Comal, you can tell they do things differently. With East Texas barbecue flavors and late night hours, Rollin Smoke does more than hold its own in a crowded field.”

Best Food Trucks in Austin

Super blessed to be included in this list of pretty much our local heroes in the food truck game in Austin Texas.


Austin’s Best Under the Radar Barbecue Trucks

Thankful to be included in this list from Austin Eater:
”Try the Silky Sandwich, a helping of pulled pork topped with spicy homemade coleslaw on a freshly baked bun.”

East and Central Texas Barbecue Meet at the Spectacular Rollin Smoke

Check out this shout out from Texas Monthly:
”Stallings hails from Tyler, and describes the rest of his menu as “East Texas meets Central Texas.” He smokes the massive pork spareribs often found in Central Texas, but they get a sweet glaze rather than just salt and pepper. “I’m not scared to sauce some ribs up a bit,” he said, but the tender ribs aren’t exactly dripping with the stuff. The brisket gets his universal rub, which contains salt, black pepper, chili powder, paprika, garlic, onion powder, and sugar. Slices from both the fatty and lean sides were spectacular.”